So it turns out they really aren’t sure the extent of the damage and are going to do as little to it as possible and then keep trying it and seeing if it will run… 

BUT as we don’t have an appointment and they have to work around all the schedule maintenance, it’s probably going to be a few days so we’re going to just go ahead and leave for vacation and they will keep the car and fix it on their own pace.

So yay. ish.


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My most heartfelt condolences on the death of your grandmother. In times like that, one should be close to family and I’m very sorry to hear that your car got in the way of that. I hope the repairs go fast and will be cheap.

Thank you. I have a feeling this is going to get expensive. From what the guy said a good portion of my fuel system may need to be replaced. :(

Yesterday my husband and I left for vacation to visit his family… My car broke down an hour into the trip (thankfully only 30ish minutes from town.) We had to have it towed and have been waiting to find out what’s wrong with it.

They called this morning to let us know that something was wrong with my fuel and ate away at the fuel system, including the plugs. The mechanic isn’t in yet, but they’re fairly certain they’re going to have to take out the plus, flush the system, and the replace the corroded parts.

Great start to Easter Vacation.

This photo will be my new iPhone case FYI…did I not call this or what? Hilarious @tylerl_hoechlin @realgrumpycat

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you got designer shades just to hide your face and you wear them around like you’re cooler than me and you never say hey or remember my name and its probably cause you think you’re cooler than me




Why does an animated television show understand love better than government

can we just talk about the fact that Homer ships Lenny and Carl

Everyone ships lenny and carl

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I got an EMAIL from my father today telling me my Oma died Friday night in her sleep. A fucking email.

My mom called my uncle… turns out no one told him. Like the brother that talks to my Opa and my Opa didn’t bother telling anyone but my dad late Saturday. And that conversation went something like “Hi. Your mother died. Bye.” 

My Oma’s best friend, who sat with her Friday night until 10pm wasn’t told until today when my uncle called her. 

I swear my family is so fucking messed up. Like what the hell kind of fucking communication is that. This is our Oma, mother, friend. A woman we all love. And we get told 2 days later, either by a short dickish conversation or per email. 

I’m so glad at the very least that I was able to call my sister before she saw the email. At least she heard it from someone the way you should jfc.


Teen Wolf Cast at the MTV Movie Awards 2014




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Then please explain why you do wear make up Hm?

this might surprise u but people sometimes do things for…